Body Fat Testing - Why is it important?

The Scale doesn't always show the complete picture…

You've spent weeks working hard, watching your diet, and pushing yourself. You anxiously step onto the scale and… YOU'VE GAINED A POUND!!! How is this possible? In reality, the scale only shows exactly how many pounds your body weighs. It doesn't show you the composition of your body. It doesn't show the fluid you may be retaining and it doesn't show you muscle gain and fat loss. It is easy to get discouraged if the scale is your only means of monitoring your progress.

There is a different way…

Body Composition Analysis and body fat testing provides you a comprehensive look into YOUR body. It breaks down the individual areas of your body and provides a detailed understanding of your fat tissue, lean muscle, and even bone. Once a baseline is established, you will be able to see changes in your body over time even without the scale budging. You work hard, don't you deserve a complete understanding of where you are at in your fitness goals?

Dexa Scan - Research grade Body Composition Analysis provides the GOLD standard of body fat testing, the Dexa Scan (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry). The details that this scan provides are incredible and will really let you understand and visualize your progress. The scan is affordable and superior to other methods available. Dexa Body is located just outside of Salt Lake City, and provides the best body fat testing in Utah. Here is a sample report.